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Passing the time at the Justice Department playing video games

Attorney General Eric Holder testifies in front of a House Appropriations Subcommittee Tuesday.  Chairing that Subcommittee will be Representative Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) to hear Holder ask for huge spending increases for the Civil Rights Division.  The Justice Department has been stonewalling Congressman Wolf for over a year about the corrupt New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal.  Holder’s seat would be hot.

But Hans von Spakovsky in Tuesday’s Washington Examiner just made Holder’s seat even hotter.  He has this bombshell open letter to Congressman Wolf called  “They’re playing games, literally, in the Justice Department”  in the Tuesday Washington Examiner. 

It contains details about Holder’s management of the Justice Department that hard working (or out of work) Americans aren’t going to like:

* “This is also the same Justice Department division where, during a Voting Section staff meeting called to address chronic tardiness, numerous attorneys demanded permission to arrive at work up to 30 minutes late without penalty. Others wanted to work from home.”

* “reports from lawyers inside DOJ, [] tell of Voting Section attorneys so bored that many spend the day playing computer Solitaire, watching videos, and venting at the lack of activity.”

You can tune in at 9 a.m. EST Tuesday to see what an Attorney General looks like when he tries to defend huge budget increases for a government component that hasn’t done much for over two years, except perhaps sharpen Solitaire skills.