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Hitchens: Is Obama Swiss?

On Slate, Christopher Hitchens chides some Republicans for their quixotic search to prove the President a Nigerian Muslim. But then, in the midst of the Libyan mess, he asks a bigger question, “Is Obama Swiss?”:

The Obama administration also behaves as if the weight of the United States in world affairs is approximately the same as that of Switzerland. We await developments. We urge caution, even restraint. We hope for the formation of an international consensus. And, just as there is something despicable about the way in which Swiss bankers change horses, so there is something contemptible about the way in which Washington has been affecting—and perhaps helping to bring about—American impotence. Except that, whereas at least the Swiss have the excuse of cynicism, American policy manages to be both cynical and naive.

Cynical? Naive? Hitchens gives them more credit than I do. I don’t think there’s even a policy to begin with. (h/t: AM)