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"Zero tolerance" strikes again

(Story from KDVR TV.)

An eleven year old boy in Arvada (a suburb of Denver) with ADD was told by his therapist to “draw out” his anger with pictures when upset.  So he did.

Teacher saw the pictures, sent him to the Principal’s office.  Who, knowing the boy was in treatment, sent him back to class.

That night, the Arvada police arrive at his home and take him away in handcuffs, refusing to let his mother accompany him.

(How did they get a complaint that late? Doesn’t say.)

Result: Terrified little boy who wasn’t off to a good start anyway; parents out thousands of dollars; and (I’ll bet) eventually a substantial settlement to the family that won’t make the little boy feel any safer at school but will cost the taxpayers in Arvada a pile.

All of these could have been avoided if there were a single person involved at the police department who had so much as a hint of common sense.