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Iran's Ministry of Islamic Culture & Guidance threatens foreign media with expulsion

Mohammad-Javad Aghajari, director of the foreign press bureau of the Iranian Ministry of Islamic culture and guidance has announced that the regime is cracking down on ‘negative’ broadcasts from inside Iran. In an interview with the regime-run Fars News, Aghajari said that those members of the foreign press residing in Iran who ‘take it upon themselves’ to report damaging information will not be tolerated.

“The news and broadcasts produced by foreign press based in Iran will be observed and evaluated on a daily basis; we are extremely clear on our guidelines; all foreign press bureaus inside Iran must be vigilant on their legal duties and will be held accountable,” Aghajari said. The enforcement of the “no bad news” rule will require regular meetings with the journalists and producers. “We will let their representatives know what our expectations are and then, if they wish, they can respond. For example the BBC’s Jon Lyne who was stationed in Iran was expelled from Iran due to his activities.”

Oddly, the Beeb has long towed the political correctness line where the Iranian regime is concerned.  But the regime is under a lot of pressure, and wants the world—inside and outside Iran’s borders—ignorant of what’s going on.