Has Obama Ditched the "no assassinations" Executive Order? Yet?

If your recent days have been similar to mine, you’ve been in conversations–you know, the ones that used to be called “around the water cooler”–that included folks saying, in reference to the Tripoli tyrant whose name is spelled in so many fabulous ways, “why doesn’t somebody just shoot him?”


You can be confident, as I am, that some very high-ranking Americans and Europeans have said it–and even if they haven’t actually said it they’ve certainly thought it–only to hear some lawyer clear her throat.

I thought it a good time to quietly slide a politically incorrect thought into the global dialogue:  can we scrape off all those bumper stickers that say “war never solved anything”?

I imagine some armed Libyan in the leader’s tent, asking herself if now is the moment for her to enter history and save her people from the monster-gone-berserk, when a barrister colleague clears her throat and whispers “you can’t do that.  It’s forbidden by Executive fatwa #5.  And anyway, acts of violence never solved anything.”

Unless your survival is threatened by a homicidal maniac, that is.

And then I tell myself, “not to worry, the president will soon finish his analysis of the son’s speech, and then America will act  appropriately.”

Not that I’m advocating regicide.  Barrister forfend!  Let’s take the bastard to the UN for proper punishment.  Somebody said that earlier today…


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