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Speaker Boehner's home targeted by mob protest

Perhaps this will serve as a wake-up to those  still hoping the Democratic Party of 2011 is the Democratic Party of 1986.  Speaker Boehner’s home was targeted by a protest mob.  Maybe this protest will drive home that the rules seem to have changed.  Unleashing intimidating mobs to affect policy is nothing new to some.  Ask officials with Waste Management Corporation who saw their 1988 meetings with local banks in Chicago illegally raided by howling mobs.  Stanley Kurtz has documented these tactics throughout Chicago in the late 1980s and 1990s in his book Radical in Chief.  That gangs of activists are now showing up en masse, whether at people’s homes, or at state capitals, shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention, and certainly won’t surprise Kurtz who devotes an entire book to these new rules of politics.  The only question is whether Republicans still think the old rules apply.