The PJ Tatler

House Dems to target climate scientists

It seems that — after counting noses yesterday, not to mention all sorts of public histrionics for show — the House Democrats have decided against a vote to strip the provision in the continuing resolution that defunds EPA ‘global warming’ regulations.

A big loss would have made taking it out in conference harder. And it wouldn’t make things look too good in the courts, which are also presently considering whether this is really what Congress intended by Clean Air Act. That is was not is not only obvious, but EPA’s own rhetoric, and even formal publications in the Federal Register try to work around this reality, acknowledge as much. So a damning House vote is the last thing they thought their ‘other way to skin the cat’ of cap-and-trade could stand.

More disturbing, the Tatler also has learned that they have decided on a strategy of ad hominem campaigns against climate scientists as a way to change the subject and add to the fog as congressional consideration hots up. As well as to create a phony, rhetorical equivalency between targeted skeptics and those who any week or month now stand to fare quite badly when documents are pried out under various federal and state freedom of information laws. At least one senior Republican lawmaker seems to have fallen for their trap. Stay tuned on this.