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DNC, OfA aiding WI union protests

Least surprising story of the day. I was half wondering if Obama had ordered the DNC to set up the WI Dems’ hotel reservations.

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm — the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.  …

OfA Wisconsin’s field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said. …

The @OFA_WI twitter account has published 54 tweets promoting the rallies, which the group has also plugged on its blog.

Is Obama cool with the Mubarak, Mussolini and crosshairs stuff? He owns it now.