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Perhaps the Galileo 7 was at Jiffy-Lube

As Bryan noted in an earlier post,“In which global warming alarmists compare themselves to Galileo to shut off debate:”

Evidently when liberals lose a debate on the facts, they just declare themselves the winner and commence beating up their opponents. That’s what Mark Hertsgaard is doing in the Politico today. He compares GW skeptics today to the Catholic Church that took a few centuries to acknowledge that Galileo had nailed the earth-rotates-round-the-sun model. Here’s a taste of Hertsgaard’s intemperate arguments.

Hertsgaard also flew to DC this past week to shoot an ambush interview with Jim Inhofe, which you can watch here. Beyond using kids as human shields and convincing them that their future is completely hosed, why would someone who’s that eco-apocalyptic fly 3,000 miles just to shoot a five minute YouTube interview or two? Think of the polar bears, man!