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Video: Serene Branson's amazing Grammy flub

Your groggy blogger was suffering on a United jet somewhere between the Beltway and God’s country when the Grammy awards were on Sunday night. So I missed the festivities, and this flub by LA reporter Serene Branson that Amy Holmes emailed my way. It’s the only blooper I’ve ever heard of that attracted immediate medical attention.

It may well be the most spectacular live blooper in years, so extended and surprising that many immediately suspected that Branson had suffered a stroke, live and on the air. You’ll be glad to know that that doesn’t seem to be the case, though she’ll get a more thorough checkup just to be sure and safe. Contrary to reports, Branson wasn’t hospitalized after this happened. She was checked out by paramedics at the scene, and thankfully found to be fine.  She’s said to be feeling fine today as well. And avoiding YouTube, no doubt.

Update (From Ed Driscoll): Branson may not have to work all that hard at avoiding YouTube, as CBS has been working hard at getting the clip pulled there almost as quickly as YouTube users upload it, including the copy Bryan embedded earlier in this post. The London Telegraph has an embeddable version, but unfortunately, it’s set for auto-play. For those who’d like to see it, click here to watch.