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Racial magic: making George Washington vanish

Some things on the South Carolina statehouse grounds are worthy of criticism, including the display of the Confederate stars and bars.  But a historic statue of George Washington isn’t one of them.  Yesterday I posted about the lunacy inside the DOJ that refuses to hold an office “picnic” because the word is considered racially insensitive.  At the Martin Luther King Day, Jr., commemoration in Columbia this year, this photo was taken.  George was put in a box:

Normally the dying dead trees media is tasked with the job of reporting such disdain of American icons, but the local paper in Columbia is owned by McClatchy, so no need to embarrass the lunacy of the event organizers.  This statue is a rare replica of the Houdon statue which was a lifesized replica of the American father sculpted with Washington present and from a life mask.  This version was damaged in the Civil War and I used to pass it every day.  Never once could I imagine an America where it would become an object of scorn or shame.