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Breitbart sued by Shirley Sherrod

First Daniel Snyder, now Shirley Sherrod.  Captain of the Bigs Andrew Breitbart has been sued by former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod for defamation.  Larry O’Connor of BreitbartTV is also a defendant.  Andrew tells me that he will zealously defend the lawsuit. The D.C. law firm of Kirkland and Ellis brought the case.  Breitbart has been slowly pulling back the layers on the growing Pigford scandal.  This seems like a dangerous play for Mrs. Sherrod, because now Andrew and the Bigs can depose her, her friends, get documents they couldn’t otherwise get, and conduct all manner of discovery on her.  In other words, they have the power of the law to dig deeper into the scandal.  In fact, it’s probably something Andrew has been dreaming about for months.