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Fallout from PJM exclusive - Rep. Frank Wolf demands answers

In case you missed it, I have a piece detailing how Eric Holder’s Justice Department has politicized even compliance with the Freedom of Information Act today at PJM.  Liberal groups requesting information get favors, conservative media get stonewalls.   I am told that it was much discussed on the Hill today, and that others report to me, this is a problem that may be administration wide in scope.  After my article appeared, Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf sent a terse letter to the Inspector General at the Justice Department demanding her current investigation of Civil Rights Division politicization include this line of inquiry.  The DOJ IG is investigating a series of things, including whether infamous DOJ political appointee Julie Fernandes and others including voting section management are treating employees differently because of their religious views and political beliefs.  I know that to be the case; whether the Inspector General will fully report the facts, we can all wait and see.   We’ll report on the details in time no matter what happens.

Oh, and Congressman Wolf’s letter is here.  He is the wrong Congressman for the DOJ to hack off – he controls their budget.