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Eric Holder's Animal Farm

Quin Hillyer has a piece today “Why the Black Panther Case Matters” that is worth a read. 

In his usually top shelf prose, he notes the:

“question was if the Obama-Holder Justice Department was giving support to the internal Civil Rights Division belief that civil rights laws should not be enforced against black perpetrators who abused the rights of white victims.  This is explosive stuff.  It cuts to the very heart of equal rights under the law. It’s also straight out of Orwell’s Animal Farm, where some animals were ‘more equal than others.’  . . .  The truth is that this viewpoint enjoys overwhelming support in lefty legal circles. Sickeningly wrongheaded as it is, it is not unusual, but an ideological touchstone.”

Hillyer also directs fire at the racialist apologists in the media who enable this discriminatory view of the law, one of whom I addressed previously here at PJ Tatler.  He writes:

“The most froth-mouthed (and at times flat-out nasty) of the left’s media lackeys, Adam Serwer of the American Prospect, who too often also pollutes the Plum Line blog at the Washington Post, actually admits and excuses the double standard even while denying that DOJ applies it.”

Do government officials and members of the media actually believe that the law is really meant to protect some but not others?  In this case the answer is hiding in plain sight.