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Eco-horror flick coming at ya

Didn’t we all learn something from the debacle that was “The Happening?”

That 2008 “horror” movie told us what would happen if we don’t stop abusing the environment – we’d see arguably the lamest shock film of the past decade. Even star Mark Wahlberg disowned it (after the film’s release, of course).

Now, fading auteur Barry Levinson of “Rain Man” fame is prepping a new eco-thriller for 2012. The project, according to, is called “The Bay” and will show the results of a viral outbreak along the Eastern seaboard.

When two biological researchers from France find a staggering level of toxicity in the water, they attempt to alert the mayor, but he refuses to create a panic in the docile town.

Wonder if the Mayor will sport either a Sarah Palin or Fox News T-shirt during a critical scene?

Levinson could once do no wrong, witness a string of hits from “Diner” to “Good Morning, Vietnam.” But he hasn’t made a great film in ages. Will “The Bay” mark his comeback? The thought of another bloodless eco-horror romp scares me, frankly, but not in the way intended.