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Hey, at least I will be in the region

This week I’m heading to the Middle East, where I hope to do some on the ground reporting.

That’s more than most of the talking heads in our 24/7 all opinion coverage of the Egyptian uprising can say.  I hope that everyone takes these “experts” with a grain of salt.   Most of these former govt. officials have no more access to what’s happening than we all do.  They get their “briefing” sitting in the makeup chair in the green room just prior to their next segment.  Some are so ubiquitous they have not even had time to read the morning newspapers, never mind check with any current news sites.  As the events unfold, keep all this in mind.  The news clips showing the same frames over and over and the non-stop talking is no substitute for doing your own research and making up your own mind.  Remember, in most cases you have access to the same information as the person talking on the tube does.