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US diplomat kills two Pakistani attackers in Lahore

They’re already rioting in Lahore over this incident that not much is known about yet.

It seems pretty clear that a US diplomat was attacked by two motorcycle riding Pakistanis while driving his car. Terrorism or robbery? Unknown? The diplomat’s back window in the car he was driving was shot out and there are bullet holes in the front.

The Beeb doesn’t have much:

Lahore police chief Aslam Tareen told the AP news agency that the American was being questioned by the police and might be charged with both murder and illegally carrying a weapon: a Beretta pistol.

“Diplomatic staff usually enjoy a certain type of immunity, but I am not sure about murder,” he said. “We will consult the Foreign Office and legal advisers in this regard.”

Local TV showed footage of what it said was the American official’s car. It had several bullet holes in the windscreen.

The American had stopped at a traffic light when two men riding a motorcycle stopped near his car.

“The man told us he pulled out his pistol in self-defence,” Mr Tarin said.

To make matters worse, the embassy dispatched a car to the scene that ran over a bystander in the near riot situation. You can imagine what that did to the mood of the crowd.

More later.