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SOTU Reaction: PJTV interviews Nevada's new physician congressman

How does a freshman Congressman from Nevada who also has been an osteopathic physician view President Obama’s State of the Union?  PJTV’s Alexis Garcia gets directly to the point in a wide ranging interview with Nevada’s new Republican Rep. Joe Heck.  See her special PJTV interview here.

Nevada is no stranger to the consequences of the first two years of the Obama presidency, suffering one of the highest unemployment rates in nation and a crushing housing crisis.  How did President Obama look to a highly regarded emergency medicine physician and small business owner?

Alexis meets with Rep. Heck in his Washington, D.C., congressional office.  They examine the president’s policies on jobs, the housing crisis, spending cuts, the debt ceiling, and of course health care. Heck is only one of three incoming freshmen elected to the important House Republican Steering Committee, a distinction he won due to admiration from his new colleagues.

To view the entire PJTV interview click here.