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Rep. Bachmann Ousted from GOP Capitol Hill Club

The Tatler has learned that the chi chi Republican Capitol Hill Club has bounced Rep. Michele Bachmann from its premises, forcing her to find another place to deliver her State of the Union address reply on behalf of Tea Party activists.

A Tatler source tells us Bachmann originally had been approved by the club’s management to give her broadcast live to the nation.  But they reversed themselves yesterday, forcing the Minnesota congresswoman out into the cold.  One source has alleged to the Tatler that “Republican leadership pressured the Capitol Hill Club” to close off its facilities.

The Tatler contacted the Capitol Hill Club to confirm the story.  However, a club executive who did not identify himself said the only one permitted to discuss the issue was Stan Lawson, the club’s general manager. “Mr. Lawson will not be available all day for comment as he is very busy,” the executive told the Tatler.  A follow-up call directly to Mr. Lawson so far has not been returned.

For decades the Club has been a welcoming refuge for many out-of-favor Republicans on Capitol Hill.  It’s web site says, “From its inception, members of the Capitol Hill Club have included the nation’s most influential people — Presidents and Vice Presidents, GOP Members of Congress, Governors, state party leaders and influential Republicans everywhere.  We invite you to be among them.”

Apparently the invitation does not include Rep. Bachmann.  Instead, she will deliver her address from the National Press Club.

Update: The Capitol Hill Club responds here.