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And the GOP SOTU responder is...

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  It makes sense, he’s the chairman of the Budget Committee and he represents the more serious, wonkish side of the GOP majority.  It would have been nice to have a governor respond, to contrast the plight of states in the age of ObamaCare, but Ryan is a solid choice.

But for the record, I hate SOTU addresses.  I dislike a lot of the pomp that goes with politics, actually, but SOTUs are particularly annoying.  The Constitution mandates periodic reports from the president to Congress, but doesn’t mandate what they have turned into. Washington’s initial SOTU was mostly about principles and philosophy, and was fairly brief as political speeches go.   They have become giant panderfests, delivered as laundry lists of how a president intends to bribe the American electorate with our own money.

And the responses from the other side…even worse.  Tuesday is going to be a long night.