Obama's approval rating comes back

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has been hanging out in the low 40s for months as the economy has been stuck in the doldrums and he kept shoving legislation no one liked down our throats.
Well MSNBC is now reporting that according to a NBC/WSJ poll he’s back above 50 percent.


But after a five-week stretch that included bipartisan legislative achievements in the lame-duck session of Congress, mostly positive economic news and Obama’s well-received speech honoring the victims of the tragic shootings in Arizona, the political world has taken an abrupt turn in direction.

In other words, he’s back to giving good speech.

Across-the-board improvement
In the poll, Obama’s job-approval rating stands at 53 percent, which is an eight-point jump from last month and represents his highest rating in the survey since July 2009.

Ahhh, so 47 percent of the American people still think he sucks wet armadillo fur, but he’s finally jumped above 50 percent for the first time in nearly two years.

Parse this out folks, first it’s an NBC poll so those numbers are suspect on the face. But what it comes down to is the teleprompter gave him a good speech, he delivered it well and as to be expected he got good numbers out of it. The question is what happens when the warm fuzzies begin to fade again.


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