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NASA's James Hansen wants America to be China forever

The NYT’s Tom Friedman routinely calls for America to be “China for a day” so we can dictatorially implement Friedman’s pet policies.  But NASA’s James Hansen, a man whose salary is paid by the American tax payer, wants us to become China…forever.  All in the name of global warming.

Hansen: “I have the impression that Chinese leadership takes a long view, perhaps because of the long history of their culture, in contrast to the West with its short election cycles. At the same time, China has the capacity to implement policy decisions rapidly. The leaders seem to seek the best technical information and do not brand as a hoax that which is inconvenient.” The millions who died during Mao’s Cultural Revolution could not be reached for comment.

Side note: I did some work with Hansen’s group when I was a NASA contractor.  He was…not well liked by his peers, who tended to see him as an out of control, showboating ideologue. I never got the chance to meet him. Every time I was on site, he was out on media hits.