Christians face genocide in the Middle East

Fox News is out with a report on the plight of Christians in the Islamic world.  It’s not exactly the peaceful world of fun and kite flying that Michael Moore depicted in Fahrenheit 9-11.


It’s enough to look at the bombing at a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt, on New Year’s Day that left 23 dead, or the brutal siege on St. George Chaldean Church, a Catholic church in Baghdad that killed more than 50.

“If you look at the technical definition of what genocide is, it is the attempt to annihilate a particular group because of their ethnicity or their religion,” says David Alton a Catholic member of Britain’s House of Lords. “And certainly that is what is happening to many of the ancient churches of the Middle East.”

And meanwhile in the West, the mainstream media apart from Fox censors honest discussion of Islam.  Be sure to read about that at Pajamas Media’s main site today.


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