Gov Rick Perry Blogs His Meeting with House GOP Legislators

I was in Baltimore Friday to touch base with Republican legislators, sending a message that I expect will be more favorably received than under previous leadership: the idea that states can work in cooperation with a restrained federal government to solve problems more effectively and at a cheaper cost.


After spending a considerable amount of time in recent years speaking against the overreach of the federal government and the harm it imposes on Texans, it’s encouraging to see more friendly faces taking a leadership role in Washington. As you all know, “restrained” is not a word I’d connect with Washington since President Obama was sworn in, and I’m hopeful that having the GOP back in control of the House of Representatives can put the brakes on things that have gotten significantly out of hand.

States are only beginning to feel the pain of an intrusive federal agenda that promises to empty state coffers, even while seizing total control in areas from health care to education to air permitting.

By allowing states to exercise their 10th amendment rights, Washington can free itself of excess bureaucratic costs and re-ignite the innovative power of 50 competing laboratories, each exploring new ways of dealing with their unique challenges.

Thankfully, the new House leadership gets that and I look forward to working with them and other leaders across our nation in the effort to make the federal government less significant in American’s lives.


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