Brussels Journal: Tunisians See Through Anti Israeli Propaganda

Writing for Brussels Journal Lucien Oulahbib is hopeful that the democratic revolt in Tunisia is a sign that the Arab world is finally seeing through the lie that the Israelis are responsible for their miserable state:


The Tunisians, but also the Algerians, the Egyptians and the Jordanians, are becoming more and more aware, especially when they see on the Arabic tv channels the standard of living of the Israeli Arabs and even the Palestinians, that the money is not going to “the Palestinian children” as has been claimed, but to big cars, a festive lifestyle and opulent villas for the military-fundamentalist mafia which has been leading those countries for decades with Western and Wahhabi support.

That is the reality. French officials and intellectuals were not only linking the fate of the North African and Middle Eastern peoples to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but submitting it to the condition of a solution for the conflict. The truth is that the conflict has been artificially maintained by military-mafioso dictatorships and their Western accomplices, precisely to prevent a reasonable peace which could eliminate this false argument to justify the misery of these people. And because a solution is made impossible, the blame can be put on Israel. Everything fits.

Odd how so many “intellectuals” think poorly of the chances of democracy where it doesn’t now exist and “rubes” like Bush and Palin do not.



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