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Steele's last hurrah?

It looks like this might be the last hurrah for Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Few are betting he will be renominated to head the Republican Party at the RNC Winter meeting, which began yesterday.  Voting begins today.  The next RNC head will lead the GOP in the 2012 Presidential election against President Obama.   After two years, Steele has been regarded as a poor fundraiser, has saddled the Republican Party with $19 million in debt, and alienated activists within the Tea Party movement while gaffing his way across two years, hurting the party’s message.  He was not credited for most of the big electoral wins in the mid-term election.  Of the $1 billion spent on behalf of Republican candidates, only $200 million came from the Republican National Committee.  Still, his people insist he will hang on there to the end.  Earlier this week  Holly Hughes, Steele’s campaign chair and the National Committeewoman from Michigan, told FrumForum: “No, he’s in it to win it… he is going to be in this election right until the end.”   Expect a new face.