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Why Do They Hate Us?

Roger Simon has a superb essay today, in which he reminds the many who have forgotten that we have a violent history, and that in fact there was a lot more violence in the sixties.  True, true.  And I have been saying for years that the lefties must frequently resort to vicious attacks on people with whom they disagree, because the lefties don’t win many debates on serious issues.  Their world view, which used to both explain the world and serve as a rational basis for policy making, doesn’t explain much of anything, and their policies, as we’ve seen in two short years, make things worse.  Fast.  It’s frustrating.  Maddening, even.  Ergo the Politics of Personal Destruction.

They have learned that a great way to try to destroy their critics is to accuse them of thinking or even doing what the lefties are planning to do themselves, or, as in the Tucson case, have done for a long time.  They have been using hateful speech, hoping to get some action, and so it is automatic for them to accuse the righties.

Freud called it projection.  Ace’s deconstruction of Howard Kurtz provides a good roadmap.  Or mindmap.