The Hypocrisy Is Strong with the Democrats

Former Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski calls for civility, after saying a Republican candidate for governor should be put up against a wall and shot.  Sheriff Clarence Dupnik blames talk radio for Tucson, despite the fact that there’s no evidence that Jared Lee Loughner ever listened to talk radio at all, and despite the fact that there’s some evidence that he dropped the ball in stopping Loughner.  In the wake of Tucson, Democrats are out trying to ban guns, curb free speech, blame Sarah Palin, everything but blame the man who planned the attack and pulled the trigger.


Latest case in point: Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) took to the airwaves of Fox today to do the left’s usual bidding, decrying rhetoric that had nothing to do with Tucson, implying that shrinking gun magazines might have prevented the attack (again, no evidence proffered), and comparing political speech with which he disagrees to cancer.  And then he played Omit The Facts that Disrupt Your Narrative.

Sherman: Well it’s clear from his web postings that he had picked up some of the extreme right positions, such as that our currency is not real currency, etc.  You do hear that in the blogosphere on the extreme right.  But again, my point is, if you have a heart attack, you stop smoking whether or not you can absolutely prove that the nicotine that you’ve taken in caused that particular heart attack because you know that breathing in toxic fumes is going to be harmful to our political system.

It’s also clear that Loughner admired the Communist Manifesto, was a pothead, thought 9-11 was an inside job and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are war crimes and thought NASA was one big hoax.  A few of those positions are found not in the extreme left blogosphere but among the left’s leading lights.  Didn’t President Obama have a Communist Truther among his constellation of czars?  Why didn’t Rep. Sherman bring any of that up?  Because it would have disrupted the narrative that he and his ilk are attempting to build.

From the above quote, Sherman went on to slam Sharron Angle (who lost her race, in a different state, and who is irrelevant to Tucson).  Sherman’s basic point was essentially that everyone who supported Sharron Angle is guilty of Tucson.  That’s classic guilt by association.


Megyn Kelly brought up President Obama’s violent metaphorical rhetoric,”They bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” and so forth.  Sherman ignored that entirely, and shifted the focus back to Angle, saying explicitly that he wants a public backlash against Angle and her supporters.  Who, by the way, lost her race, in a different state, and is irrelevant to Tucson, where a paranoid schizophrenic killed six in his attempt to assassinate a congresswoman.

Rep. Brad Sherman, through his blatant dishonesty, is mainstreaming the very climate of political hate and animosity he claims to want shunned.  The hypocrisy is strong with the Democrats.


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