Obama to hold memorial rally

Okay, I have been looking around for multiple sources on this, because frankly I can’t quite believe it.

As I noted earlier, the event in Tucson tomorrow has a title now: “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America”


I’m getting to the age (and have enough fringe friends in theatre, movies, and music) that I’ve attended a fair number of memorial services.  It seems to me the titles or headings on the invitations have been things like “In Memoriam”, or “A Celebration of the Life of John Doe”, or something like that. “Together We Thrive” sounds like a union meeting in Boulder.

It gets better. According to the UANews, the event now has a logo:

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a memorial service with an upbeat, blue and white, modern-typography logo. This does not call the phrase “solemn rememberance” to mind.

Update: I’m sure you all will be relieved to know that the concessions stands will be open during the “event”.  See the updated story at UANews.


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