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Democrats vs reality in Tucson

According to the chairman of the Pima County, Arizona Democratic Party, Jared Lee Loughner will turn out to be a conservative:

“Here’s what I think you’re going to find,” Jeff Rogers told me in an interview today. “I think you’re going to find that he was [a conservative].”

And he elaborates a bit.  Like many on the left these days, he’s rejecting reality and attempting to substitute his own, for political purposes.

Let me tell you something about county party chairs.  In most cases, they’re elected to that post by their party’s primary voters in their county.  So this gentleman, Jeff Rogers, was placed into office by rank and file Democrats, and he’s accountable to them.  He’s also accountable to the Arizona Democratic Party at the state level.  They all own him, unless and until they distance themselves from him.  I don’t envy their communications folks, with Rogers out there shooting off his mouth.  I do, however, envy the comms folks in the Arizona Republican Party.  In fact, unless there have been some recent personnel changes there I know one of them, and he’s very smart.  Pima County Democrat chairman Jeff Rogers, along with Sheriff Dupnik, ought to be made the face of the Arizona Democratic Party, since they’re both out there irresponsibly fanning the flames with their wild, unsubstantiated charges.  The question must be asked: Are there no grown-ups in the Arizona Democratic Party?

Meanwhile, outside Pima County Democratic Party chairman Jeff Rogers’ hopes and aspirations for politicizing the dead, here’s the real Jared Lee Loughner: An anti-war internet poster who believed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are war crimes, and who was so crazy that even the UFO community thought, you know, he’s just too crazy for us.