Dupnik doubles down

The law man Allahpundit is dubbing “Supercop” is ratcheting up the political rhetoric that he says he wants everyone else to tamp down, now on Diane Sawyer’s TV newscast blaming Rush Limbaugh for the Tucson shooting.


No, really.  Meet Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, liberal pundit at large.

Does he have any evidence that Jared Lee Loughner ever listened to Limbaugh, even once?  No.  In fact, all evidence from Loughner’s age to his actions to descriptions of him by people who know him point to serious mental illness, probably schizophrenia.  But hey, Dupnik is only the sheriff, it’s not like he has to rely on actual evidence to make his judgments or anything.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is now officially the worst cop since Maryland’s Chief Charles Moose, last seen still waiting for the DC sniper to pull up in his white van.


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