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Bang, bang, she shot my standup down.
“The enshrinement of constitutional rights necessarily takes certain policy choices off the table." Amen.
Karate, taekwondo, and jiu-jitsu teach more than just cool moves.
Even if the TSA says it's okay...
Whatever you do, don't just hide under the desk.
D.C. councilman counters that Massie is trying to tread on District's "self-determination and our own representation and accountability."
Flores opposes measures for guns on campus, guns in airports, guns in school zones.
"Because there are tight gun laws here, I take the subway, I take the bus, I walk around freely."
One bill would allow police, healthcare workers and family members to petition judge.
Both sides of the argument claim to have the facts on their side.
How to preserve your life when violence erupts all around you.