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"Cruel and inhuman" policies put "democracy itself under threat because of extreme inequality," special rapporteur writes.
"The Act contains a number of problematic provisions that will have dramatic negative consequences, particularly for those most in need," says justice committee chairman.
Other welfare systems are doomed to fail because humans are sinful.
"Pope St. John XXIII wrote that a progressive tax code is required by 'justice and equity'... This plan breaks that promise."
About 40 percent say they couldn't come up with $2,000 in an emergency, and trend does not discriminate based on income levels.
Bush admin official: U.S. will never tackle poverty if workers insist on passing up job that doesn’t immediately pay “$25 an hour” or better.
What do you think God's going to say to Joel Osteen one day?
And handouts aren't a part of the plan, either.