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White House not blaming Castro yet, says review is underway of incidents that in some cases reportedly caused brain injuries.
“It is clear" Venezuelan regime "is proceeding to greater and greater authoritarian rule in the country."
McMaster ducks question on why Venezuelan power grab got sanctions but Erdogan power grab drew U.S. congratulations.
U.S. "has not done enough to deal with these threats" from transnational organized crime.
Joshua Holt was waiting to return to U.S. with his new wife when her apartment was raided.
House passes bill to restrict funding for sanctuary jurisdictions along with Kate's Law.
Dem and GOP lawmakers urge project “set aside for far too long” and “far more timely than ever."
Shouts of "thief" and "rat" rang out.
Piedra: "Government should be at the service of man, not the other way around.”
Tell us more about how well socialism works...
Acquisition of U.S. energy infrastructure on horizon as Venezuelan parent company teeters.