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Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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human rights

Other U.S. hostages say they feel forgotten.
Brunson still faces 35 years in prison after the Erdoğan regime swept up the longtime Turkey resident, along with several other Americans, in his post-coup purges.
GOP congresswoman: "The administration may allow human rights to fall on the priority list, but ...we have demonstrated that we will not allow human rights conditions in North Korea to go ignored."
“They bash the U.S. sometimes. They bash other countries as well. What’s important is that we are there even when that’s going on," says NAACP official.
“My husband and I do not want to be in the middle of JCPOA politics. That put him in this mess to begin with. This is about human rights."
The current version of "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" is described as "guidance for Catholics in the exercise of their rights and duties as participants in our democracy."
Pressed on whether dialing back human rights abuses should be a precondition of Putin-Trump meeting, official said administration was "not going to engage in any hypotheticals."
UN office says "the use of immigration detention and family separation as a deterrent runs counter to human rights standards and principles."
"They are being held for no legitimate reason like North Korea... so it’s time to bring the hostages home," says Lieu.
"Syria's presidency cannot be business as usual. I will, however, call out the regime's crimes in plenaries," vows U.S. ambassador to conference.
Offers "moral support" to only Iranian opposition who don't want Islamic regime gone.