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The national debt is currently more than $22 trillion as federal spending has climbed 146 percent.
Alfred Street Baptist Church demonstrated a way for churches in the 21st century to obey Jesus' command to love others.
Projected at 150 percent of GDP by 2049, and "even at its highest point ever even after World War II debt was far less than that at 106 percent of GDP."
Lack of deficit-reduction deal as fiscal year red ink hits $779 billion is "disappointing, but it’s not a Republican problem."
"We as Republicans could be seen as the saviors of Social Security; it is not that hard," senator says of "not sustainable" program.
"We estimate that the 2018 deficit will total $804 billion, $139 billion more than the $665 billion shortfall recorded in 2017," says director Hall, and "deficits continue increasing after 2018."
"It is finished."
"We should have expected that Trump would easily be capable of running trillion-dollar deficits," says national party chairman.