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Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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Another minor federal judge issues a nationwide order to the Commander-in-Chief.
McCarthy reportedly warned GOP centrists that forcing a DACA vote could cost Republicans the House majority, reasoning that an upset base wouldn't show up to the polls.
House speaker argues that "we never want to turn the floor over to the minority" or "have a process that just ends up with a veto."
Crowley: "Those who are seeking refuge -- here's an opportunity for Paul to demonstrate an understanding of what the Pope was talking about."
The GOP congresswoman called Trump's recent statements dooming Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals beneficiaries "disheartening and unacceptable."
The idea that a single federal judge, anywhere, can overrule the chief executive is absurd.
Though congressional deadline has passed, USCIS will continue accepting program renewals per court orders.
As federal judges join the "resistance," it's time for Congress to remind them who's boss.