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Dennis Michael Lynch attempts to make the fringe group of racialists seem warm and fuzzy.
Not content to allow a gaffe to be a gaffe, liberals have decided to play the identity politics card.
"People are getting sick of [...] the nannying."
As frustrated and concerned as we may be about our country, we shouldn't vote with our emotions.
Are liberals actually willing to discuss the anti-Jewish hatred in America?!?
Whoever wins the presidency, Jewish Americans have already lost on the Left and the Right.
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has ripped the mask off Democrats, revealing a lack of integrity.
Casey says poll-watching calls "are more than wrong and irresponsible; if executed, they could be illegal."
ADL calls chief strategist pick "a sad day" as the alt-right will have powerful position in "the people's house."
On Bannon, the Democrats and #NeverTrump channel Saul Alinsky.
And he thinks Donald Trump shouldn't care either.