It Isn’t Men Who Are Toxic. It’s Women

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There’s a great new video at Prager U. about the power of words in politics. It explains that the culture is “first and foremost a war of words,” and since the Left in this country are the ones in power, they clearly own the dialogue. Thus, they control the culture.


The phrase “toxic masculinity” is a perfect example. We’ve been hearing this phrase bantered about for several years. Now we have universities with the audacity to treat masculinity as a “mental health” disorder. It’s appalling and outrageous.

And it is women, not men, who are behind this madness. By my calculations, then, it isn’t men who are toxic. It’s women.

There is nothing harmful about masculinity or femininity in their respective natural states. Nothing. There are, however, broken women and men. Broken men tend to lash out in violent ways — hence, the concept of “toxic masculinity” — but it isn’t their DNA that’s hurting them. It’s their lack of purpose. And that lack of purpose stems from the lack of a father or father figure. As Dr. Warren Farrell explains here (as well as in his new book, The Boy Crisis): “Boys who hurt, hurt us.”

But broken women are just as destructive. They simply lash out differently: by using words. Look at Michelle Wolf at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Wolf personifies what we could easily refer to as “toxic femininity,” but I won’t stoop to the level of the Left. Instead I’ll say this: women can be downright dangerous. Not physically, but emotionally.


Women who hurt, hurt men and other women. They do it in the name of power — “It’s 2018 and I’m a woman, so you can’t shut me up!”, Wolf shouted — but in reality, they feel powerless. Thus, many find a home in left-wing politics.

Confident, happy, secure women — and here I’m thinking of Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, who were the embodiment of class at their roasting Saturday night — don’t need to resort to such tactics. But then, women like Conway and Sanders don’t have a beef with men or with society. Left-wing women do. And so, they lash out.

Jordan Peterson alluded to this problem in a great interview with Camille Paglia last year. After Paglia suggested the only cure for the culture is for men to start “standing up and demanding they be respected as men,” Peterson wisely noted that, though men should do that, they probably won’t since they are at a disadvantage when fighting with women.

Instead, Peterson wisely puts the onus on women like me to stand up against feminists — though he didn’t use that term. “It seems to me that it isn’t men who have to stand up and say ‘enough of this,’ even though that is what they should do. It seems to me that it’s sane women who have to stand up against their crazy sisters and say ‘Look, enough of that. Enough of that man-hating, enough pathology, enough bringing disgrace on us as a gender.’”


And then, this: “I don’t see any regulating force for that terrible femininity, and it seems to be invading the culture and undermining the masculine power of the culture in a way that, I think, is fatal. I really do believe that.”

So do I, Mr. Peterson. This “terrible femininity” is destroying our culture by making men feel there’s something wrong with them, when in fact there’s something wrong with women for thinking there’s something wrong with men.

“Toxic masculinity” my ass. The real danger is women.


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