Obama Tattoo, Anyone? Obama Thong? Action Figure?

As Inauguration Day looms, Obama fans appear to have few boundaries when it comes to showing their affection for-the-soon to be president of the United States.

For the merely supportive, there are a lot of kitschy items for sale. There are shoes. There are t-shirts in a wide variety of styles. Hats. Even underwear.  And, yes, there is a thong version for ladies who want nothing to come between them and their president. For those who have moved beyond clothing and desire a more tangible way to express their idolatry there are bobble heads in both “regular” and “superhero” style.


The more playful Obamites may prefer the action figure version of their hero. For the artsy types there are over 1,800 different Barack Obama posters offered at zazzle.com alone! There are watches, buttons, coins, pendants, coffee cups, plates, paperweights, neckties, aprons, chocolates, wine stoppers, and more.

In fact, if you name it, they have it with Barack Obama’s name or visage on it.

But for some of Obama’s most ardent supporters, merely having “stuff” that bears his likeness isn’t enough. Nothing says true support like getting an Obama tattoo. In fact, the crew at Fatty’s Custom Tattooz on Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., are rolling into the inauguration with an offer of a free Obama tattoo with the purchase of any other tattoo at $200 or more. They also offer an “Obama piercing,” whatever that is.

Some couldn’t wait for Fatty’s special offer to get “tatted up” for Obama. Twenty-nine-year-old Saginaw, Michigan, Obama-supporter Samantha Cook invested 90 minutes and $200 to have the president’s face inked to her upper arm. T.J. Wells, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, opted for a three hour tattoo marathon that ended with Obama’s face on the back of his leg.

Different strokes for different folks, you know. Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas decided to show his support for Obama through a tribute tattooed on the fingers of his left hand. Arenas had one word inked on each finger except the thumb, reading: “Change we can believe in.”


Of course, the ultimate Obama love fest hasn’t taken place in tattoo parlors or in shops stacked high with Obama memorabilia.

The real “Obama orgy” of blind loyalty took place in the U.S. Senate last week as Obama’s top advisers swept through the confirmation process with the Senate “watchdogs” playing lapdog to the new president. Questionable policies, tax evasion, terrorist pardons, and Constitutional ineligibility were all overlooked by Republicans and Democrats alike in the rush to “show the love” for the incoming team.

The only thing missing was some fresh ink.


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