The Kruiser Kabana Episode #222: PJ Media's Robert Spencer on the Mess in the Middle East

(Reminder: New episodes are on the podcast page, but I’ll still do promos here.)

This is an exciting episode for me because I’ve wanted to have my colleague Robert Spencer on for a long time now. Given his expertise on all things jihad, Robert is just the guest we need during this nightmarish time in Israel.


Proper context is more often than not absent from any discussion about the Middle East in American media. Robert provides plenty of it here, and, thankfully, he has agreed to return to the Kabana to help keep us all better informed. After you read anything of Robert’s here at PJ Media, head over to Jihad Watch and check out the great work he and his team are doing there.

Even though the subject matter was bleak, it was an honor to finally be able to pick Robert’s brain about so many important things. I can’t wait to have him on the show again.


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