My San Francisco Schadenfreude Cup Runneth Over

Justin Borja via AP

Watching blue states and cities fall apart due to years — usually decades — of Democrats being in charge has provided a lot of “I told you so” moments for those of us on the Right. Because Democrats don’t believe in consequences, they don’t understand inevitability. The simplest “if we do ‘A,’ then ‘B’ is going to happen” logic is unclear to them.

Watching the city of San Francisco fall victim to itself has really been something to behold. Once considered one of America’s great cities, the City by the Bay is on an accelerated mission to becoming a permanent dystopia. Many would say that it’s already happened.

Like so many blue cities, the powers that be in San Francisco decided that much of the criminal class should no longer be treated as such. Need some new clothes? Just shoplift them. You’re not a criminal, you’re just misunderstood. The “A-to-B” predictable outcome of letting vandalism and theft go unpunished has been that businesses are simply closing for good. In recent months, several large retailers have announced that they are done with San Francisco. It has happened so often that I keep wondering what the city is planning on using as a tax base in the long run.

Unlike a lot of blue cities, citizens of San Francisco admitted they had a problem. Saddled with a George Soros-backed district attorney who liked to let violent repeat offenders go free so that they could be violent again, the residents of the city mounted two different recall efforts. Last summer, one of them succeeded and they kicked Chesa Boudin to the curb, where he probably immediately tripped on a homeless meth-head who was covered in his own filth.

As I have written on countless occasions, getting rid of one Democrat in a blue state or city doesn’t make things better. There’s always one who is equally as bad or — as is more often the case — even worse waiting in the wings.

Things haven’t gotten any better there, as evidenced by this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal:

I’ve been cleaning the sidewalk in front of my art gallery every morning since 1984. One morning in January, a mentally ill homeless woman made an unsanitary mess in front of my building. It wasn’t the first time. When she refused to move so I could clean it up, I lost my temper and sprayed her with water.

A passerby caught the incident on video and the 14-second clip went viral. The blowback against me was swift. I was arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery and ordered to stay away from her.

So they do arrest people for something other than being Republican.

The author then goes onto explain the context for the “frustration and helplessness” of San Francisco residents like himself. When expressing his dismay that he was treated as a criminal while criminals in the city aren’t, he said it “is another reminder of how broken San Francisco has become and how inhospitable the current laws are to small business owners and taxpayers.”

For those of us who can make the A-to-B connection, the solution to this problem is obvious. It reminds me of an old, old joke:

Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

Doctor: “Well then stop doing that.”

As we have seen over and over, however, Democrats just can’t quit the policies that are making them miserable. Here is the author’s conclusion:

What I did was wrong. I regret losing my temper. But I hope this episode spurs my fellow citizens to demand that city leaders and the courts actually start doing something to resolve this crisis.

There is no mention whatsoever of replacing the leaders who have helped create the current nightmare. He merely wishes that there will be a mass epiphany and all of the progressives in San Francisco will, what, stop acting like progressives?

While it is sad to watch once-great American cities destroy themselves, it is impossible to feel sorry for the citizens who both stay and continue irresponsible, self-destructive voting habits. You broke it, you own it, and you refuse to get any glue to put it back together.

Keep doing what you do, blue state Dems. Those of us in flyover states will say “Hi” if you ever want to visit America in the future.
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