Conservatives Don't Worship Politicians—That's a Lib Thing

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As I am fond of saying whenever the holidays are upon us: ‘Tis the season to be polarizing. And what better way to do that than to talk about politics, politicians, and the general state of “WTH?!?!?!?” going on with conservatives in America right now?


I’m going to catch a fair amount of flak for this column, but anyone who has been reading me for a while knows that I really don’t care. As I told my friend VodkaPundit and our VIP Gold regulars at Five O’Clock Somewhere a couple of weeks ago, I tend to seek and heed my own counsel when it comes to politics.

Yes, that’s a wordy way of saying that I really do think I’m right most, if not all, of the time.

An emerging trend over here on the right — especially since the election — is the prevailing notion among some of Donald Trump’s most ardent admirers that he not be criticized at all. My response as someone who enthusiastically voted for him and has spent quite a lot of column space here at PJ Media writing flattering things about his presidency is this: what a load of crap.

My friend and colleague Megan Fox wrote a post last week that was critical of Trump’s COVID lockdown response — an area where most conservative Americans can agree that there’s a lot of blame to go around. It should be noted that Megan has been a very publicly outspoken fan of Trump since he first ran, part of the “Escalator MAGA” crowd, if you will. Seven years after that escalator ride, she dares say that she didn’t like ONE thing that Trump did, and one could practically hear the diapers filling all over the Republic. I even had one person complain about her to me in my Morning Briefing comments, which I thought was a bit of a cry for help.


I get that the internet is one big virtual garment-rending exercise for political fans of all stripes, but it’s really time for some people to take a freakin’ breath.

On more than one occasion I’ve lamented that Trump didn’t fire Anthony Fauci before we even hit the summer of 2020. Here was a guy who was actively working in cahoots with the Dems to undermine Trump’s presidency, after all. Put mildly, a sound hindsight case can be made by Trump fans for getting rid of the dude. 

I’ve also frequently complained about the fact that Trump didn’t fire Christopher Wray or….oh, never mind, this is a really long list.

However, I’ve also constantly mentioned that, for the most part, I loved Trump’s presidency, especially the fact that he wasn’t a career politician. I think it would be a blast to see him back in office to go all scorched earth on the Dems. It would be difficult for any rational person to say that I’m tepid regarding the things I like about Donald Trump. Heck, the only reality show I’ve ever consistently watched and enjoyed were the first two seasons of The Apprentice.

If Trump is the nominee for 2024, I’ll be ready to run whatever gauntlet needs to be run to vote for him again.

For those who have been able to connect the dots here so far, any criticism I have of Trump shouldn’t be cause for any of his supporters to lose their minds and start acting like the shrieking harridans on The View after washing down handfuls of Adderall with shots of Fireball.


Leave the emotions to the libs.

Shortly after Barack Obama got into office, I began referring to him as The Lightbringer. I wasn’t the first one out of the gate with that, but I probably was the most consistent for the eight years we had to go through that. Obviously (or maybe not), I was mocking the cult-like worship he got from Democrats. It’s creepy to see politicians worshipped like that anywhere, but even moreso in the United States of America.

Conservatives especially shouldn’t be all-in on the worship of politicians. One of the big selling points of the political right is that we aren’t a hive mind that lights the unity candle and sings “Kumbaya” all day long. It’s good not to be an emotions-first bunch of goo like the left.

Since the midterms, I swear that writing about any Republican has gotten me grief from people who both love and loathe whichever one I’m featuring. So, again, I know I’m going to hear it for this.

What an amazing time to be both fully alive and all dead inside.



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