'Unwoke' Free-for-All #16: Eeyorecons Need to Stop Whining and Just Vote

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Apologies for posting this so late but I’ve been way under the weather since about three hours after we recorded it (it’s not Bat Flu, btw).

This is one I really wish I had thought of earlier. I finally came up with a name for all of the conservatives who say that they don’t want to vote anymore because “ZOMG IT’S ALL RIGGED AND DOMINNNNNNNIOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!”



Look, frequent readers of mine know that I don’t think our elections are at all free from the Democrats’ fraud machine. I don’t, however, think we should stop voting. In fact, the only way that the Republicans won’t steamroll the Dems on Tuesday is if the Eeyorecons sit this one out en masse.

Kevin and I are both veteran election integrity skeptics but we’re imploring you to vote.

And we’re drinking some good cocktails for this episode.

Let’s red wave this hot mess!

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