Run, Beto, Run! Keep Being a Money Pit for Dem Donors!

AP Photo/LM Otero

For the third time in four years, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is running for a major office.

Also, for the third time in four years, Democratic donors from all over the United States have been sending money to Texas and generously funding his campaign.

Most importantly: for the third time in four years, Beto is going to lose.

This is a cycle that I sincerely hope to see repeated for as long as possible.

Since 2018, Beto has been the centerpiece of the Democrats’ “Turn Texas Blue” fever dream, having succeeded the execrable Wendy Davis, who was unceremoniously shuffled off of the political stage after having lost two major elections. For a brief while, they were both in the mix but Beto’s star was already rising and it was obvious that Wendy’s was falling.

While the Democrats have made some progress with their “Turn Texas Blue” efforts, it’s not going as quickly as they’d like. Undaunted, they are going to keep pouring resources into the state.

That means that there’s more money on the table for Beto to waste.

When he first declared in 2017 that he was going to run against Ted Cruz, the flying monkeys went all-in on trying to make O’Rourke seem much more competent and deep than he actually is. Trump was already in office, so Cruz had dropped out of the top spot on the Democrats’ Public Enemy list. He was still a close second, however.

The fawning media portraits of Beto were a bit much to take anywhere near meal times. He was Kennedyesque. OMG, HE’S IN A BAND! They were creating a fictional character who was a mix of JFK, Elvis, and James Dean out of whole cloth. However, where they saw a unique, maverick personality, those of us without blinders on just saw a no-filter doofus mediocrity.

Like so many media darling politicians, Beto was dumb enough to believe his own hype.

He did give Cruz a run for his money in 2018 but that election was never in any real doubt. I remember a friend asking me, “Are we worried about Cruz?” a couple of months before the election and I just chuckled and said, “Not at all.”

Even though he got a lot of early hype and love from his MSM sycophants when he ran for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Beto didn’t even make it to Thanksgiving 2019 before dropping out of the race.

He’s about to get creamed by Gov. Greg Abbott in the upcoming Texas gubernatorial election, but that isn’t preventing the MSM idiots from carrying on the fantasy:

O’Rourke’s ego is big enough that he’ll believe the hype as long as the MSM wants him to. My dream is that they don’t break up with Captain Cool after this next election. Beto is just a few days shy of his 50th birthday. He’ll still have plenty of energy to lose to Ted Cruz in another Senate race, as well underperform in at least two more gubernatorial races.

While Beto pursues his vanity projects, Democrats throw money at him that is immediately flushed down the toilet of electoral futility. That’s money that they could be spending on close races that are actually winnable.

So please, run, Beto, run. The checks will be in the mail.


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