The Morning Briefing: America-Hating Leftists Should Be Forced to Try the Alternatives

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Alistair and Siobhan were pariahs in the neighborhood after tragically misunderstanding the “Escape Room” concept. Poor Rex.


Watching all of the leftist whining yesterday was disheartening but not unexpected. As Matt wrote in a VIP post, they’ve been at this for years. Given the heightened state of emotion these fragile, mentally unwell idiots have been sustaining it wasn’t surprising that they finally tried to cancel the 4th of July.

It was all so nonsensical and tedious, like seeing 45-year-old mother of two Jessica Chastain being celebrated for flipping off Independence Day over “reproductive rights.” Chastain is a resident of New York. On the off chance that she conceives a sibling for her kids who she desperately wants to abort, she will sadly still be able to do so in the Empire State.

Matt also wrote that leftists have been complaining for as long as he can remember. I’ve got a year or two on Matt and the same applies to me. I grew up during the Cold War and was repeatedly subjected to low-IQ lefties extolling the virtues of the Soviet system.

Throughout the years, these America-bashing celebs have one thing in common: they’re all United States citizens.

They’re people of privilege who are living the American dream and doing all of their complaining, knowing full well that they are protected by virtue of the fact that they are citizens of the country they love to hate.

And they’re free to go elsewhere.

We are all too familiar with celebrity leftists “threatening” to leave the country whenever the slightest political thing doesn’t go their way. I can’t count how many “Canada is looking good” posts I’ve seen on social media just in the last ten days. Being the good neighbors that we are, conservatives are often offering to help them relocate.


The thing is, they never do.

One of the big reasons they don’t is that their socialist Utopias generally don’t have generous immigration policies. Canada may look good to them, but they don’t look that good to Canada. A lefty comedy club owner I know once thought he could get government health care by having an anchor baby in Canada and was promptly asked to take his newborn child and leave by our neighbors to the north.

The biggest reason, however, is that, deep down in their dark commie hearts, they know that there isn’t a better option than the United States of America. They are part of an insular, ideologically rabid culture that doesn’t allow them to state that publicly, but they know it’s true.

The America-hating celebs could all use some perspective. Let Jessica Chastain spend a year in Tehran and see how her feminist ways are embraced there.

Their lust for abortion up to the point of full gestation might have been tempered by extended time spent in one of their preferred European socialist countries, where the cutoffs for legal abortions are what American progressives consider draconian.

I’m out of the activism game, but I might be interested in starting a foundation that offers one-way tickets out of the country for any prog celebs who are stupid enough to believe that their freedoms are being taken away simply because they can’t abort babies like a marauding team of infanticidal barbarians.

I guarantee it will be the only free money any leftist ever turns down.


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