My Guns Aren't Shooting Anyone. Why Should I Give Them Up?

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The shadowy cabal running President Joe Biden’s brain put him in front of a microphone again on Thursday night and Joey Amtrak showcased the one skill he has left: lying to the American public. This time it was about guns, a subject upon which the Democrats have been prevaricating since at least the Civil War.


Democrats repeatedly lament that Republicans won’t work with them on “common sense” gun legislation, which is mostly true, and for very good reasons.

First, the Democrats’ arguments for stricter gun laws generally proceed from false premises. Like this one that my Townhall colleague Katie Pavlich wrote about on Thursday:

Speaking from the East Room of the White House Thursday night – shortly before jetting off to the beach in Delaware for the weekend – President Joe Biden tripled down on his calls for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and repeated the false claim a previous ban from 1994-2004 reduced mass shootings.

Biden also insisted that the gun industry has some kind of special immunity from legal action against it, which is the opposite of what the reality is.

You can see why it’s nigh on impossible to have a conversation with them about “common sense” anything.

Biden insisted that “This is not about taking away anyone’s guns. It’s not about vilifying gun owners,” but the grown-ups in the room know that it’s exactly about that. President LOLEightyonemillion’s Memorial Day screed about 9mm rounds pretty much laid bare the Democrats’ plans to come after handguns too.


One of the main reasons they always talk about “assault weapons” is that the term is nebulous and not only gets us on a slippery slope but can be used to grease up the slope as needed. It’s a quick trip from going after AR-15s to redefining the .22-caliber handgun you inherited from your grandfather as an “assault weapon.”

We’re here to block access to that slippery slope.

The Democrats’ history on any highly contentious issue proves that if you give them an inch, they’ll want to take all of the miles. This is precisely why Republicans should not compromise with them on anything relating to the Second Amendment. This is especially true when it comes to odious “red flag laws,” which give people a Soviet-style avenue for being vindictive to family and friends.

The world is spinning rapidly out of control and it’s time to really take a stand. As I often tell people, in over half a century of shooting, my guns have never shot anybody. Why should my Second Amendment rights be run roughshod over? No one has ever been able to make that case to me.

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This is a serious fight, but as I have mentioned many times, we manage to have a lot of fun waging this ideological war over on the other side. We would be most honored to have you join us in the constant struggle to safeguard the freedoms that are under relentless assault from the left.


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