Kruiser's 'The Worst of Times' for the Week of March 28-April 3, 2022

New York Times office. Image by tacskooo from Pixabay

(NOTE: I read The New York Times Opinion section so that others don’t have to. While I could write something every day that mocks the lunacy there, I decided to just highlight a few of them once a week. I’ll also offer one from The Washington Post so they don’t feel left out. I provide the actual headline from the op-ed and go from there. Enjoy.)


It’s been a weird couple of weeks in the Opinion sections of our two rags of focus. There has, for obvious reasons, been a lot of Putin and Ukraine stuff. I tend not to wander into that mess so the pickings have been a little slim.

Still, neither organization is never without any crazy to mock so here we go.

1. The Hyperbole and Horror of Ginni Thomas

This is another tantrum-tastic glimpse into the mind of the Times’s former restaurant critic Frank Bruni. Nothing prepares one for weighing in on the heavy issues of the day like years spent complaining about the crème brûlée that you just ate for free.

In their never-ending effort to artificially rig the Supreme Court, the Democrats are determined to make Ginni Thomas’s support of Donald Trump an impeachable offense for her husband. As Rick recently wrote, there really is no “there” there. You can bet the little rascals will keep the whole cloth around and continue trying to manufacture something out of it though.

Until November, anyway.

2. Teenagers Report Growing Anxiety. Maybe That’s Rational.

The author does acknowledge at the beginning of this column the fact that we’re now learning that the pandemic was pretty rough on young people. She then goes on to do what everyone in the left media does on this topic: try to minimize and/or normalize it.


She minimizes it with some blah-blah about it being rough on “a lot of people’s mental health.” Sorry, doll, I may have gotten cranky the last couple of years but I haven’t been reading any Sylvia Plath or anything. Stop using your coastal media bubble privilege to speak for me.

This was what stuck out for me:

So I do wonder if another reason for the uptick in teens saying they’re depressed and anxious is that they have the language for it now, and that there’s so much less stigma to admitting these feelings than there was even when I was a kid

While she doesn’t explicitly say it, the implication is that kids have always been this emotionally wrecked, they just weren’t able to or comfortable with saying it.


There’s also some fever-dream lunacy about kids being stressed because they’re worried about climate change while watching adults freak out about wearing masks. Sure, psychos, that’s the problem

Sorry, lefties, the emotional damage done to our youth is on you for your continued, almost orgiastic support of the tyrants who used the pandemic to seize control of people’s lives. You’re not going to be able to duck this one, no matter how many stories like this you write.


3. The Right’s Disney Freakout

It’s easy to notice themes in The New York Times Opinion section. Yes, they’re opinion articles, but the writers know what the talking points are. This article is about the mainstream media push to make the Disney story in Florida be about REPUBLICANS POUNCING rather than a company built on family entertainment now endorsing Mr. Sharesalot the first-grade teacher talking to six-year-olds about sexuality and gender reassignment.

There is nothing educational, necessary, or normal about what the Democrats are pushing for. It’s a perv-fest. Again, the Florida bill merely prevents discussion about such things through the third grade.

Oh, and it doesn’t have the word “gay” in it. Stop lying, you cretins.

Postscript: That’s no party. That’s the Republican Hot Mess.

The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are already covered in flop-sweat from thinking about November and it’s really beginning to show. This is a pure projection piece from Eugene Robinson.

The gist of it is that Republicans can’t possibly be allowed to win in November because the country and the world are too filled with crises and the GOP won’t police its crazies. Or those the Democrats have decided are its crazies.


Lost in Mean Gene the Hyperbole Machine’s assessment of the situation is that most of these crises exist because the Democrats have been letting their crazies run amok, especially in the Oval Office.

When one considers the sheer volume of stupidity that comes out of any AOC Squad member’s mouth at any given hour and is allowed to go unchecked, the Dem mouthpieces have no room for complaint. At least the Republican “crazies” aren’t forever belching up inane reasons to change the Constitution.

So, America, pick your crazies.

That’s the wrap-up for last week. Can’t wait to see who sneaks into the loony bin (I’m bringing that back) this week!


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