So Much for 'Phony Outrage'—Missouri and Ohio Leave National School Boards Association

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The latest Democratic spin attempt to smear concerned parents who are battling local school boards is unraveling rather quickly.

In my Morning Briefing for Tuesday, I wrote that the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media had shifted from calling parents “domestic terrorists” to assuring everyone that their worries about what their children are being taught in school are nothing more than phony political outrage. I’ve been saying for several weeks that I don’t think the Democrats really thought this one through, and a couple of things happened a few hours after that Briefing was posted that would indicate this to be so.


COLUMBIA – The Missouri Schools Boards’ Association withdrew from participating in the National School Boards Association on Monday.

The withdrawal, which will be effective immediately, comes after the MSBA Board of Directors met last week.

Officials say the NSBA “demonstrated it does not currently align with the MSBA’s guiding principles of local governance” after the national association requested the FBI investigate parents for threats against educators and school board members without consulting its Missouri chapter.

And this news from Ohio:

It would appear that the Dems didn’t flee quickly enough from their plan to sic the Dept. of Justice on soccer moms and dads throughout this great land.

Democrats are far too emboldened by their embarrassingly slim majority in Congress and the fact that they used a global pandemic to shoehorn Joe Biden into the Oval Office. They’re drunk with a power that doesn’t exist and are behaving as if they’re the Supreme Soviet circa 1955. “Why reach when you can overreach?” seems to be their mantra.

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One of the things that has been keeping me relatively sane since January is my firm belief that all of the overreaching will not turn out well for the Democrats. I didn’t see school board meetings being the flashpoint for the first real evidence of it, but here we are.

This may be pure speculation but I can’t really believe that all of the parents who are upset right now are Republicans. The Democrats in D.C. don’t seem to have much in common with Democrats one meets in real America, and I can’t help but think that the progressive nonsense is wearing on them, too.

It was blue-collar Democrats who made the difference for Republicans in 2016. Maybe the GOP can get an assist from them next year, thanks to Beltway Dems leaping off of the progressive cliff.


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