Wearisome Tyrant Fauci Informs Us Rubes That Attacking Him Is Attacking Science

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Fauci Has REALLY Got to Go

The political world is filled with loathsome creatures who seem to get worse with time but few have ever been on a run like Dr. Anthony “Tyrannis Flippus-Floppus” Fauci has recently.


This execrable bureaucrat has been wreaking havoc with Americans’ lives in the name of public health for over a year now. Even worse, he’s been going about it rather whimsically but claiming that it was all in the name of “SCIENCE!” That’s all he needed to do to keep the Democrats and their media mouthpieces happy. “Science” is a word that is used to hypnotize leftists into going along with draconian rules, regulations, and laws.

In reality, the Left has completely abandoned biology, which greatly calls into question their claims of being science lovers.

To the chagrin of the cultists on the Left and the delight of those of us who dwell in reality, Fauci’s reputation has been swirling down the cosmic toilet for a few weeks now. Stacey wrote a great post a few weeks ago detailing just what train wreck Fauci has been as both a bureaucrat and as a doctor. He’s been failing for a very long time but he’s been employed by the government since 1968, so job performance means nothing.

MSNBC intellectual eunuch Chuck Todd was the most recent media hack to be put on Fauci-fluffing duty and the result was both embarrassing and infuriating:


I decided to share my friend Jon Gabriel’s brilliant lampooning of the spectacle.

To begin with, Todd slaps on the knee pads and does everything but kiss the in-studio monitor that’s displaying Fauci’s visage to him. A little bit of the First Amendment dies every time one of these propagandists does something like this and calls it journalism.

Fauci’s response is such a steaming pile of arrogant B.S. that it’s a wonder there weren’t flies buzzing around his mouth the moment he said it. I don’t doubt for a moment that Fauci actually believes all of the verbal nonsense that he barfs up every day. Reiterating: he’s been a bureaucrat since Richard Nixon was president so he’s used to being told that he’s brilliant for merely being able to step on the first rung of the mediocrity ladder. It’s like being 5’2″ and suddenly getting dropped onto an island that’s populated by people who are four feet tall. Stay there long enough and you’ll truly believe that you’re the tallest person in the world.

If Fauci has been following the science, he hasn’t been following it very well, as Matt recently wrote.

The notion that criticizing a scientist who has blundered is an attack on science itself is patently absurd, of course. But, again, Democrats don’t really know what science is, so they gobble up nonsensical garbage like this. Fauci is obviously saying that people should never criticize him and he’s doing it because he’s already proven himself to be a petty, small, pathetic man. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that he and Todd scripted this beforehand.


For the umpteenth time, this petty tyrant has got to go. Anthony Fauci is motivated solely by what’s best for Anthony Fauci. It may have genuinely been about public health in the very early stages of the pandemic, but it was obvious early on that Doc Tony was getting quite a thrill up his leg from being on camera.

It’s been all about him ever since, and it’s been filled with tragic consequences.


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